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Fiberglass Truck Body – Mory Inc Master 60 – 8’ Model with Ergo Rack Ladder Racks and Interior Shelving (used)


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Master fiberglass truck Bodies insert onto fleet pickup trucks and are a replacement for a cargo van. Master is self-contained and is a universal fit for all full-sized domestic trucks. With our patented lockdown system, you can install or remove the unit from your truck within 15 minutes if you need to switch vehicles, take your truck into be serviced or replace your truck. The Master has it’s own floor so all your tools or equipment will stay safe and secure.


The Master 60 is engineered to be the lightest and strongest unit available on the market today. Universal fit to pickup truck fleet vehicles means high value. The Master 60 is a well proven, quality truck insert that has gained acceptance in a very broad number of different industries and markets. You can find the Master truck body in almost every industry including the Government and Military who have relied on the Master.


Built to stand the test of time in any environment, you can find our bodies in some of the coldest climates like Alaska to some of the hottest climates like Iraq. We build every single body with the highest quality components and every shell has a limited lifetime warranty. This will give you the security of knowing that your investment is protected for as long as you own the body.



Master 60 Advantage

  • Universal truck body insert installs on all large trucks (Ford, GM, Dodge and Toyota).
  • Same interior height as a cargo van.
  • Ideal when you need to tow a trailer closed on occasion, all your main tools will be found in the Master 60.
  • When you go on small jobs, no need to have the trailer, because you will have everything in the Master.
  • Its added value to your fleet reduces the costs associated with the transfer of equipment that is found with vans.
  •  If you change trucks every 3 years, you always have a vehicle with a bumper to bumper warranty.
  •  By installing a sliding floor, you benefit from maximum ergonomics, because your toolbox comes out of the vehicle.
  • By using a truck with 4 doors, you can carry up to 6 workers and their tools.
  • Installing it on a 4×4 vehicle gives you access to all roads, whether in winter or in rough terrain.Strong and Lightweight – Fiberglass Construction.  Much lighter than aluminum or steel.  Save on gas and have less – wear on your truck!
  • Air-tight and Water-tight – Air and water tight.  Our bodies are air-tight and water-tight.
  • Patented Lock Down System – Our patented lock-down system allows you to remove the body from your truck within 15 minutes using a standard 9/16 socket wrench.
Unit length available 8′
Entry height 49″
Interior maximum height 58″
Entry width 50″
Interior maximum length 100″
Interior maximum width 75″
Interior capacity volume 251 ft squared
Weight 450 lbs


ErgoRack Ladder Rack: Lightweight, Safe and Easy

Prime Design has been the industry’s ergonomic leader since 1992, when we first introduced the concept of an ergonomic ladder rack. Our design philosophy starts with the worker – how can we make the job safer, easier and more comfortable for the human body? That is because we firmly believe that a product’s design and how it impacts the user is every bit as important as the quality of materials and construction.

We designed the ErgoRack to reduce muscle stress, eliminate risk of injury and speed the job of loading and unloading ladders from a work van.


Type: Boat, etc
Year: 2015
Price: $4,000
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